Disquiet Days/Jours Intranquilles
Bruno Boudjelal

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This book charts Bruno Boudjelal’s 11-year inquiry into his origins, his identity and his unknown family, set against the background of an Algerian state in the process of turning its citizens against each other and abandoning them to their own resources. His journey, at once personal and familial, but also topographic and political, is described with intimacy and sensitivity as he acts as an often unwilling witness to the violent events of everyday life.

The universal relevance of this story of a search for what is true in one’s own biography emerges out of a mist of lies and dissimulation, and is overlaid on recent Algerian events that are shrouded in falsehoods and ignorance.

The book contains an essay by Salima Ghezali, journalist, writer and former editor of the weekly La Nation, which was banned by the Algerian authorities in 1996.

Bruno Boudjelal writes: “So it was quite natural that the quest for an identity was supplemented by a documentary examination of an Algeria that I was starting to discover and to photograph. In the course of time and during a series of different journeys, I progressively added to an account that mixed narrative and documentation – a story told through images that attempt to close in on a very complex reality.”

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“Boudjelal's tale is articulate, compelling, and quite beautifully presented. l highly recommend this book.”


Tom O’Mara


Salima Ghezali


Book data
Pages 232
Photographs 153
Dimensions 165mm x 220mm
Cover type Flexicover
Publication 2009