Aida Silvestri: Even This Will Pass / Unsterile Clinic (2017)

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Aida Silvestri Even This Will Pass / Unsterile Clinic Artist Newspaper

Published by Autograph ABP

This double issue in Autograph ABP’s newspaper series features two bodies of work addressing human rights themes by artist Aida Silvestri.

In Even This Will Pass, Silvestri confronts the issue of human trafficking and the plights of Eritrean refugees whose voices often remain unheard. In Unsterile Clinic the artist directs our attention to gender-based violence and the widespread practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

In both projects, Silvestri skilfully combines photographic portraiture and visual activism with text-poems written in collaboration with her participants to provide harrowing personal testimonies. The series are accompanied by short introductory texts and an extended essay by Renée Mussai, Senior Curator and Head of Archive & Research at Autograph ABP.

‘Silvestri skillfully operates in the contested terrains where art and advocacy meet, photography and human rights converse, courageously and creatively addressing urgent and critical conditions that affect us globally.’ - Renée Mussai

16 pages

All images are courtesy of © Aida Silvestri