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Dana Popa

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Natasha is a nickname given by sex traffickers to prostitutes with Eastern European looks. Unsurprisingly, sex-trafficked women hate it. This project began in 2006 when Dana Popa first travelled to the Republic of Moldova to document the experiences of sex-trafficked women and their families. Moldova is one of the main trafficking sources for women and children and it has been estimated that up to 400,000 women have been sold into prostitution since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Popa worked with the International Organization for Migration Shelters and Winlock International in Moldova, where she was given access to photograph and document the experiences of 17 women who had been trafficked. 

In 2008, Autograph ABP commissioned Popa to return to Moldova where she began to collect the stories of the disappeared and photographed the families, the homes and, in some cases, the children who had been left behind. Finally, she returned to the UK where she documented the spaces where trafficked women work as prostitutes in the brothels of Soho in London.

'We might prefer not to listen, not to hear these stories, nor to look at these photographs; it is more comfortable to turn a blind eye or deaf ear. Popa’s images, however, are utterly compelling. She challenges us to think beyond what is contained within the photograph’s frame.' 
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Publication 2009