Collector's limited edition prints by Zanele Muholi

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Available exclusively through Autograph ABP, a unique opportunity to own a signed collector’s limited edition prints by Zanele Muholi produced especially for Autograph ABP’s exhibition Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness.


Bayephi I was commissioned by Autograph ABP to commemorate the 1956 Women’s March on Pretoria, a pivotal moment in South Africa’s history when thousands of women united to demonstrate defiantly against so-called ‘pass laws’. This self-portrait was taken in June 2017 at the Old Fort prison complex, Constitution Hill in Johannesburg, where many women were incarcerated by the Apartheid regime as political prisoners for transgressing repressive regulations severely restricting their freedom of movement.


“The 1956 protest was based on women saying, ‘enough is enough; enough with these passbooks’. This new commission connects Somnyama Ngonyama directly with black lives and black bodies in incarceration.” - Zanele Muholi


In ZaKi, Muholi continues to explore the poetics of transgression and exile in Kyoto, Japan, visualising an Afro-Japanese hyphenated identity in the imaginary.


“In April 2017 when I was in Japan, after seeing a lot of women wearing kimonos and tourists hiring them, I started to wonder: what would it mean for me, as an African, to hire a kimono? I wondered if there’d be any historical documents that could be retrieved by someone, growing up Afro-Japanese in Kyoto. How did that person’s parents get there? And if they were born there, but black – would they treat the kimono the same way?” Zanele Muholi


Autograph ABP commissioned visual activist and photographer Zanele Muholi to create four new self-portraits currently on display at our London gallery, three of which are now available exclusively through Autograph ABP for purchas. All proceeds from print sales support our educational and artistic programmes as a charity.


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Bayephi I, Constitution Hill, Johannesburg, 2017

Fibre-based silver gelatin print

Edition of 10 + 3 AP

60 x 44 cm / 24 x 17 in.

©Zanele Muholi / Courtesy Autograph ABP


ZaKi, Kyoto, Japan, 2017

Fibre-based silver gelatin print

Edition 10 + 3 AP

80 x 62 cm / 31 x 24 in.