The Philosophy of Strangers
Franklyn Rodgers

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The photographs collected in this first monograph of Franklyn Rodgers’ work, which covers the period 1997 – 2006, presents a range of his portrait projects which include many Black artists, writers and cultural commentators. At the heart of this work is his desire to redefine portrait photography by making the encounter a space of risk that inspires possibilities

His work is a refreshing return to the black subject within a studio genre, with a unique personal style and vision. His aesthetic is one of beauty, but his definition of beauty goes way beyond what is pleasing to the eye. His images are beautiful because he draws us into the detail of each person and in so doing gives us the opportunity to glimpse something of both their outward appearance and inner voice.

“Whatever the motive for each project, all the portraits are exceptional. Franklyn has an ability to achieve his vision as a creative individual whilst simultaneously giving ‘voice’ to many people he has photographed. You leave his company feeling that you have witnessed a kind of alchemy.”
Maria Amidu


David A Bailey & Indra Khanna


Maria Amidu


Book data
Pages 48
Photographs 38
Dimensions 285mm x 265mm
Cover type Hardback with jacket
Publication 2007