Vanishing into Reality/ Algérie, Clos Comme on Ferme un Livre?
Bruno Boudjelal

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French photographer Bruno Boudjelal explores the intricate links between personal and national identity and cultural memory in this evocative five-part photographic essay about present-day Algeria which won the 2015 Prix Nadar photography book prize.

Boudjelal was born in Montreuil, on the outskirts of Paris of Algerian ancestry. His work focuses on his relationship with his father, and through that, with Algeria as a whole. For many years he was unable to travel freely in Algeria. Then in 2003, as restrictions eased, he travelled across the entire country and felt a familiarity and intimacy with places he had never before visited. This work, made during many journeys across the country between 2009 and 2013, attempts to explain and understand these feelings.

With essays in French and English by Bruno Boudjelal and François Cheval.

All editions signed by Bruno Boudjelal

Text in French and English

“As I boarded the boat, I was convinced my photographic work in Algeria was over. I was sure I’d failed in my attempts to analyse my connection to the country. But I found an explanation in the course of this journey. Algeria was mine, but not totally. Something I felt there, something too violent, too hard, too raw, made complete belonging impossible.”


Fabienne Pavia with Fabien Vidotto


Bruno Boudjelal

François Cheval


Book data
Pages 160
Photographs 69
Dimensions 225mm x 290mm
Cover type Softback with dust jacket
Publication Autograph ABP & Le Bec en l’air 2015