Voices of the South Atlantic / Voces del Atlántico Sur (2011)

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Voices of the South Atlantic examines issues of war and its consequences. Rooted in the 1982 Falklands/Malvinas War, it includes the voices of people who fought on both sides, as well as civilians who were directly affected by it. Its premise is that fear and loss are universal, and that pain and trauma affect both the losers and the winners. It was published to coincide with the touring exhibition Voices of the South Atlantic with text and Photographs by Adriana Groisman.

“At its core, it is a journey towards reconciliation, replacing the bravery of battle with the courage of compassion and forgiveness,” writes Adriana Groisman

Text in English and Spanish.


Book data
Dimensions 410mm x 265mm
Publication 2011
Additional Information Full colour